Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Muzica New Age

The "Info Box" entitled "New Age Music," on page 61 of the 8th grade English manual in Moldova:

Listening to the music can really change your mood! Sometimes, if you're feeling low, it's tempting to play slow, sad music, but this will probably make you feel worse! An uplifting tune or a cheerful song can instantly improve your energy levels and emotional well-being.

Combining the musical styles of different cultures and playing them on electronic instruments, such as a synthesizer, producces a kind of music known as "New Age". The rhythm is usually quite slow, so that it has a relaxing effect on the person listening to it. Some musicians also add natural sounds, such as whalesong, birdsong, waves, or gentle rain, to help to produce a feeling of calm and relaxations. New Age music is often played in healing centers to help relax the patients.

According to official state textbooks, New Age is good music. Poor Moldovan students; their government is lying to them in a language that they don't even understand.


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